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Senin, 26 Januari 2009





GUITAR HERO adalah permainan nge-jam yang diedarkan oleh perusahaan Game RedOctane dan dibuat oleh Harmonix Music Systems. Game ini dapat dimainkan sendirian atau berdua.


Guitar Controller

Guitar Hero dimainkan dengan pengontrol kecil berbentuk Gibson SG walaupun standar Playstation2 adalah Dualshock. Dan RedOctane dan penggemar Guitar Hero telah membuat gitar tanpa kawat kecil disampingnya. Dari atas Pengontrol Guitar Hero mempunyai warna (dari atas Hijau, Merah, Kuning, Biru, Jingga) yang harus ditekan jika bertepatan dengan buletan kecil di Gameplay Guitar Hero.


Guitar Hero mempunyai 4 tingkat kesulitan, Mulai dari yang paling mudah (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert) di mode paling depan Guitar Hero, Mempunyai 5 mode, yaitu Career mode (Merintis Karir), Quick Play (langsung bermain), Multiplayer (bermain berdua), Tutorials (mengajar menggunakan Guitar Controller) dan Options.




* "I Love Rock & Roll" - Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
* "I Wanna Be Sedated" - The Ramones
* "Thunder Kiss '65" - White Zombie
* "Smoke on the Water" - Deep Purple
* "Infected" - Bad Religion
* "Iron Man" - Black Sabbath
* "More Than a Feeling" - Boston
* "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" - Judas Priest
* "Take Me Out" - Franz Ferdinand
* "Sharp Dressed Man" - ZZ Top
* "Killer Queen" - Queen
* "Hey You" - The Exies
* "Stellar" - Incubus
* "Heart Full of Black" - Burning Brides
* "Symphony of Destruction" - Megadeth
* "Ziggy Stardust" - David Bowie
* "Fat Lip" - Sum 41
* "Cochise" - Audioslave
* "Take It Off" - The Donnas
* "Unsung" - Helmet
* "Spanish Castle Magic" - Jimi Hendrix
* "Higher Ground" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
* "No One Knows" - Queens of the Stone Age
* "Ace Of Spades" - Motörhead
* "Crossroads" - Cream
* "Godzilla" - Blue Öyster Cult
* "Texas Flood" - Stevie Ray Vaughan
* "Frankenstein" - The Edgar Winter Group
* "Cowboys from Hell" - Pantera
* "Bark at the Moon" - Ozzy Osbourne
* "Fire It Up" - Black Label Society
* "Cheat on the Church" - Graveyard BBQ (Pemenang "Be a Guitar Hero" Kontestan)
* "Caveman Rejoice" - The Bags
* "Eureka, I've Found Love" - The Upper Crust
* "All of This" - Shaimus
* "Behind The Mask" - Anarchy Club
* "The Breaking Wheel" - Artillery
* "Callout" - The Acro-brats
* "Decontrol" - Drist
* "Even Rats" - The Slip
* "Farewell Myth" - Made in Mexico
* "Fly on the Wall" - Din
* "Get Ready 2 Rokk" - Freezepop
* "Guitar Hero" - Monkey Steals The Peach
* "Hey" - Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives
* "Sail Your Ship By" - Count Zero
* "Story of My Love" - The Model Sons

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* Shout at the Devil - Mötley Crüe
* Mother - Danzig †
* Surrender - Cheap Trick
* Woman - Wolfmother
* Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight - Spinal Tap † (Encore)
* Strutter - KISS †
* Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana
* Message in a Bottle - The Police
* You Really Got Me - Van Halen
* Carry On Wayward Son - Kansas (Encore)
* Monkey Wrench - Foo Fighters
* Them Bones - Alice in Chains
* Search and Destroy - Iggy Pop and The Stooges
* Tattooed Love Boys - The Pretenders
* War Pigs - Black Sabbath (Encore)
* Cherry Pie - Warrant
* Who Was in My Room Last Night? - Butthole Surfers †
* Girlfriend - Matthew Sweet †
* Can't You Hear Me Knocking - The Rolling Stones †
* Sweet Child O' Mine - Guns N' Roses (Encore)
* Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine
* John the Fisherman - Primus
* Freya - The Sword
* Bad Reputation - Thin Lizzy
* Last Child - Aerosmith † (Encore)
* Crazy on You - Heart
* Trippin' On a Hole in a Paper Heart - Stone Temple Pilots
* Rock This Town - Stray Cats
* Jessica - The Allman Brothers Band †
* Stop! - Jane's Addiction (Encore)
* Madhouse - Anthrax
* Carry Me Home - The Living End
* Laid to Rest - Lamb of God †
* Psychobilly Freakout - The Reverend Horton Heat
* YYZ - Rush (Encore)
* Beast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold
* Institutionalized - Suicidal Tendencies †
* Misirlou - Dick Dale
* Hangar 18 - Megadeth
* Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd † (Encore)
* Arterial Black - Drist †
* Collide - Anarchy Club
* Elephant Bones - That Handsome Devil
* Fall of Pangea - Valient Thorr
* FTK - Vagiant
* Gemini - Brian Kahanek †
* Jordan - Buckethead
* Laughtrack - The Acro-brats †
* Less Talk More Rokk - Freezepop †
* The Light that Blinds - Shadows Fall
* Mr. Fix-it - The Amazing Royal Crowns
* The New Black - Every Time I Die
* One for the Road - Breaking Wheel
* Parasite - The Neighborhoods
* Push Push (Lady Lightning) - Bang Camaro
* Radium Eyes - Count Zero
* Raw Dog - The Last Vegas (Winner of the "Be a Guitar Hero" Contest)
* Red Lottery - Megasus
* Six - All That Remains
* Soy Bomb - Honest Bob and the Factory-to-Dealer Incentives †
* Thunderhorse - Dethklok
* Trogdor - Strong Bad †
* X-Stream - Voivod
* Yes We Can - Made in Mexico

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GUITAR HERO - 2007 - Encore: Rocks the 80s


1. Caught in a Mosh (as made famous by Anthrax)
2. Balls to the Wall (as made famous by Accept)
3. Electric Eye (by Judas Priest)
4. Los Angeles (as made famous by X)
5. Police Truck (as made famous by Dead Kennedys)
6. We Got the Beat (as made famous by The Go Go’s)
7. (I Think I’m) Turning Japanese (as made famous by Vapors)
8. Seventeen (as made famous by Winger)
9. Because, it’s Midnite (by Limozeen)
10. Hold On Loosely (as made famous by .38 Special)
11. No One Like You (as made famous by Scorpions)
12. Only a Lad (as made famous by Oingo Boingo)
13. Ballroom Blitz (as made famous by Krokus)
14. The Warrior (by Scandal)
15. What I Like About You (as made famous by The Romantics)
16. Wrath Child (as made famous by Iron Maiden)
17. I Wanna Rock (by Twisted Sister)
18. I Ran (by Flock of Seagulls)
19. Round and Round (as made famous by Ratt)
20. Metal Health (as made famous by Quiet Riot)
21. Holy Diver (as made famous by Dio)
22. Heat Of The Moment (as made famous by Asia)
23. Radar Love (as made famous by White Lion)
24. 18 and Life (as made famous by Skid Row)
25. Bathroom Wall (as made famous by Faster Pussycat)
26. Lonely is the Night (as made famous by Billy Squier)
27. Nothing But a Good Time (as made famous by Poison)
28. Play With Me (as made famous by Extreme)
29. Shaken (as made famous by Eddie Money)
30. Synchronicity II (as made famous by The Police)

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GUITAR HERO - 2008 - On Tour


Breed - Nirvana
What I Want – Daughtry
Do What You Want - OK Go
All The Small Things - Blink 182
Spiderwebs - No Doubt
Are You Gonna Be My Girl - Jet
We’re Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister
All Star - Smash Mouth
Jessie’s Girl - Rick Springfield
Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Pat Benatar
This Love - Maroon 5
Heaven - Los Lonely Boys
Helicopter - Bloc Party
China Grove - The Doobie Brothers
Rock and Roll All Night - KISS (cover by Line 6)

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GUITAR HERO III - 2008 - Legends Of Rock


1. Slow Ride
2. Talk Dirty To Me
3. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
4. Story Of My Life
5. Rock and Roll All Nite
6. Sabotage
7. Mississippi Queen
8. School’s Out
9. Sunshine Of Your Love
10. Barracuda
11. Bulls On Parade
12. Reptilia
13. When You Were Young
14. Miss Murder
15. The Seeker
16. Lay Down
17. Paint It Black
18. Suck My Kiss
19. Paranoid
20. Anarchy In The UK
21. Kool Thing
22. My Name Is Jonas
23. Pearl Jam
24. Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll
25. Holiday In Cambodia
26. Rock You Like A Hurricane
27. Same Old Song And Dance
28. La Grange
29. Welcome To The Jungle
30. Helicopter
31. Black Magic Woman
32. Cherub Rock
33. Black Sunshine
34. The Metal
35. Pride And Joy
36. Before I Forget
37. Stricken
38. 3’s & 7’s
39. Knights Of Cydonia
40. Cult of Personality
41. Raining Blood
42. Cliffs Of Dover
43. Number of the Beast
44. One
45 The Devil Went Down To Georgia
46. Impulse
47. Minus Celsius
48. Go That Far
49. Hier Kommit Alex
50. Nothing For Me Here
51. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.
52. In The Belly Of A Shark
53. I’m In The Band
54. Avalancha
55. Take This Life
56. Ruby
57. My Curse
58. Down N Dirty
59. Closer
60. Lady
61. Garcon
62. The Way It Ends
63. Generation Rock
64. Prayer Of The Refugee
65. In Love
66. Can’t Be Saved
68. Don’t Hold Back
69. She Bangs The Drums
70. Radio Song
71. Putting Holes In Happiness

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GUITAR HERO - My Favorite Songs



Elephant Bones - That Hand Some Devil. mp3

Iggy Pop Stoogess - Search and Destroy. mp3

Janes Addiction - Stop. mp3

Kansas - Carry on Wayward Son. mp3

Kiss - Srutter. mp3

Lamp of God - Laid To Rest. mp3

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Free Bird. mp3

Made In Mexico - Yes We Can. mp3

Matthew Swett - Girlfriend. mp3

Megadeth - Hangar 18. mp3

Megasus - Red Lottery. mp3

Mtley Cre - Shout At The Devil. mp3

Nirvana - Heart - Shaped Box. mp3

Primus - John The Fisherman. mp3

Rage Agains The Machine - Killing In The Name. mp3

Rush - YYZ. mp3

Shadows Fall - The Light That Blinds. mp3

Spinal Tab - Tonight Im Gonna Rock You Tonight. mp3

Stone Temple Pilots - Trippin On A Hole In A Paper Heart. mp3

Stray Cats - Rock This Town. mp3

Strong Bad - Troqdor. mp3

Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized. mp3

The Acro - Brats - Laughtrack. mp3

The Amazing Royal Crowns - Mr. Fix - It. mp3

The Breaking Wheel - One For The Road. mp3


Aerosmith - Last Child .mp3

Alice In Chairs - Them Bones .mp3

Allman Brothers Band - Jessica .mp3

Anarchy Club - Collide .mp3

Anthrax - Madhouse. mp3

Avenged Sevenfold - Beast And The Harlot. mp3

Bang Camaro - Push-Push Lady Lightning. mp3

Black Sabbath - War Pigs. mp3

Brian Kahanek - Gemini. mp3

Buckethead - Jordan. mp3

Butthole Surfers - Who was In My Room Last Night. mp3

Count Zero - Radium Eyes. mp3

Cheap Trick - Surrander. mp3

Danzig - Mother. mp3

Dick Dale - Misirlou. mp3

Dethklok - Thunderhouse. mp3

Drist - Arterial Black. mp3

Foo Fighters - Monkeys Wrench. mp3

Freezepop - Less Talk More Rock. mp3

Gun's N Roses - Sweet Child On Mine. mp3

Heart - Crazy On You. mp3

Honest Bob and The Factory - Soy Bomb. mp3

Six - All That Remain .mp3

The New Black - Every Time I die. mp3

Minggu, 25 Januari 2009





"ELPAMAS" adalah sebuah kelompok musik Rock asal Malang, Indonesia yang dibentuk pada tahun 1983.

Nama Elpamas tadinya merupakan kependekan dari “Elektronik Payung Mas”, nama sebuah toko elektronik milik Anthony Depamas yang menyuplai peralatan band buat para personel Elpamas. Belakangan, kepanjangan nama Elpamas diplesetkan ke dalam bahasa Jawa, yaitu Elek-elek Pandaan Mas. Karena band ini memang berasal dari daerah Pandaan, Pasuruan (Jawa Timur).
Awal terbentuk, sekitar tahun 1983, Elpamas tidak langsung memainkan musik rock. Lewat panggung-panggung tingkat RT dan ‘bergerilya’ dari kampung ke kampung, Elpamas dikenal luas sebagai band yang mengusung musik dangdut.
Tapi kemudian, Elpamas tidak terlalu lama mengusung jenis musik ini. Tahun berikutnya, menjelang mengikuti festival rock yang digelar oleh Log Zhelebour mereka pun ganti haluan.
Elpamas mulai memperlihatkan talentanya sebagai grup rock yang layak diperhitungkan saat mereka berhasil merebut gelar Juara III di “Festival Rock Se-Indonesia” tahun 1984. Bahkan saat event tersebut digelar lagi pada tahun 1985 dan 1986, Elpamas yang waktu itu diperkuat oleh Dollah Gowi (vokal), Toto Tewel (gitar), Didiek Sucahyo (bas), Edi Daromi (kibor) dan Rastato mampu meraih predikat Juara I selama dua kali berturut-turut. Sementara Toto Tewel, juga mampu mengantongi gelar sebagai gitaris terbaik.
Karir Elpamas kemudian semakin terasah dengan seringnya mereka tampil di pentas-pentas musik besar, antara lain mendampingi God Bless pada “Tour Raksasa Gudang Garam”, tahun 1989.
Di dunia rekaman, nama Elpamas juga mampu mencatat prestasi yang cukup lumayan. Salah satu lagunya, yaitu Pak Tua menjadi tembang klasik mereka yang mungkin paling dikenal masyarakat. Tembang karya Pitat Haeng (nama samaran yang digunakan Iwan Fals) yang termuat di album Tato tersebut konon mampu mendongkrak penjualan albumnya hingga mencapai angka 5 keping. Sebuah jumlah yang menyedihkan pada masa itu. Itupun dibeli oleh orang tuanya masing-masing.
Lagu itu sendiri — yang bercerita tentang seorang penguasa yang sudah tua tapi belum mau pensiun — sempat dicekal, tidak boleh ditayangkan di TV. Pasalnya, liriknya dianggap telah menyinggung penguasa orde baru.

Elpamas sering sekali terjadi pergantian formasi sehingga mempengaruhi kestabilan grup. Sehingga baru enam album yang dihasilkan dalam waktu 15 tahun
Misalnya posisi vokalis. Elpamas sudah sembilan kali ganti vokalis. Di antaranya, ada nama Dollah Gowi, Baruna (sempat membentuk kelompok Legend Bee dan kini mengibarkan grup Jagad) dan Ecky Lamoh (ex-vokalis EdanE). Bahkan, Andy Liany sempat pula bergabung, meski tidak sempat masuk rekaman. Sementara itu, Doddy Keswara masuk formasi setelah disodorkan oleh Baruna.
Selain karena mereka memang kurang produktif mengeluarkan album rekaman, waktu Elpamas juga lebih banyak tersita untuk tampil di kafe-kafe. Belum lagi beberapa personelnya banyak terlibat proyek lain. Toto Tewel misalnya. Bersama Doddy Keswara, ia turut memperkuat grup Kantata, pimpinan Setiawan Djody dan sesekali mengisi gitar untuk beberapa penyanyi solo.
Dengan banyak bermunculan grup musik baru, justru memacu mereka untuk tetap berupaya mempertahankan eksistensi Elpamas. Salah satu jalan yang ditempuh ialah dengan menciptakan pasar musik di panggung. Mereka memilih memperbanyak bermain di kafe-kafe membawakan lagu dari grup legendaris tahun 70-an seperti Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Yes dan Kansas.
Setelah merilis Dongeng, Didik Sucahyo cabut dari Elpamas. Posisinya sempat digantikan oleh Edot, mantan basis Q-Red (grup Toto sebelum bergabung di Elpamas). Kini, posisi ini kemudian diisi oleh Harto. Sementara di jajaran vokal, Amiruz dan Ecky masuk menggantikan Doddy Keswara yang mengundurkan diri setelah pembuatan album Dongeng.
Amir Roez sendiri bukanlah nama baru di dunia musik Indonesia. Sebelum bergabung di Elpamas, vokalis asal Solo ini pernah tercatat sebagai vokalis grup Dimensi, band yang antara lain diperkuat oleh Yuke Sumeru dan Donny Suhendra.
Ia juga pernah ‘ngamen’ bersama Anto Hoed (basis Potret), Kadek Rahardika dan Lian Panggabean mengibarkan 2GT2. Bahkan, sebuah album solo berjudul Goyang Dunia pernah pula ia lahirkan. Di Elpamas, Amir mengaku sudah tidak asing dengan personelnya, terutama Toto Tewel. Ia sudah kenal Toto sejak keduanya terlibat penggarapan lagu soundtrack untuk film “Macan Kampus”.
April 2003, Elpamas merilis album 60km/jam dengan personel Toto Tewel, Tato, Edi Daromi, Harto, Amiroez dan vokalis Decky Sompotan.

* Toto Tewel
* Tato
* Edi Daromi
* Harto
* Amiroez
* Decky Sompotan

Mantan Personil:
* Baruna (penyanyi)
* Ecky Lamoh
* Andy Liany
* Dollah Gowi
* Didiek Sucahyo
* Rastato


ELPAMAS - 1989 - Dinding-dinding Kota


1. Angan-Angan
2. Dunia
3. Semu
4. Orang Malam
5. Anak Durhaka (Brutal)
6. Tinggal Landas
7. Tegar
8. Dinding-Dinding Kota
9. Untukmu Generasiku

ELPAMAS - 1991 - Tato


1. Pak Tua
2. KGB (Kereta Gaya Baru)
3. Tato
4. Pembual
5. Panther Woman
6. Moral
7. Memori
8. Macan Betina
9. Dia
10. Misteri Temanggung

ELPAMAS - 1993 - Bos


1. Kami Makan Apa
2. Melancholy Blues
3. Set Up
4. Bos
5. Aku Dan Senja
6. Kontradiksi
7. Langkah-langkah
8. Jejak Jejak
9. Alamku
10. Elpamas Instrumentalia

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ELPAMAS - 1997 - Negeriku


2. Firaun
3. Negeriku
4. Ge Er
5. Problem
6. Janis Joplin
7. Keadilan
8. Salah Kaprah
9. Bayang Bayang
10. Doa

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ELPAMAS - 2000 - Dongeng


1. Untukku
2. Basa Basi
3. Dongeng
4. Kosong
5. Suara
6. Anjing
7. Nakal
8. Beku
9. Musang Beruang
10. Rama Shinta

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ELPAMAS - 2003 - 60km/jam


1. Naik Delman
2. 60KM/JAM
3. Wan Abud
4. Kau
5. Adikku
6. Saat Bicara
7. Jangan Katakan Tidak
8. Maafkan
9. Hilang Semua Kata
10. Hari Indah
11. Apais
12. Pak Tua
13. RSSS

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ELPAMAS - My Favorite Songs

Senin, 19 Januari 2009





Wahyu Affandi atau lebih dikenal dengan Doel Sumbang (lahir di Bandung, Jawa Barat, 16 Mei 1963; umur 46 tahun) adalah seorang musisi asal Jawa Barat, mengawali karir di dunia teater pada "teater Remy Silado" , dari sanalah ia mendapatkan nama julukan "Deol" , nama "Sumbang" dikaitkan dengan lagu-lagunya yang nyeleneh, vulgar, tengil. Ia juga dikenal lewat duetnya dengan Nini Carlina lewat lagu Kalau Bulan Bisa Ngomong, Aku Cinta Kamu dan Rindu Aku Rindu Kamu serta duetnya dengan Ikko lewat lagu Cuma Kamu.


DOEL SUMBANG - Nyanyian Kalbu


1. Katakanlah
2. Aku Tak Ingin Lepas
3. Selagi Ada Waktu
4. Bulan Kemurahan
5. Berubahlah
6. Kemana Setelah Ini
7. Kuyakin
8. Cinta Dan Belas Kasihan
9. Damai Itu Indah
10. Hari Akhir

Download Full Album via Rapidshare

DOEL SUMBANG - 15 Seleksi


01 - H o i
02 - Dor Dar
03 - Si Linggo
04 - Blak Blakan
05 - Sakit Jiwa
06 - Anjing Menggonggong Kafilah Berlalu
07 - Kasur Kapuk
08 - Wah Owah
09 - Ai
10 - Cing Caylah
11 - Suparti
12 - Acing Enak
13 - Rampok
14 - Seadam Sehawa
15 - Mucikari

Download Full Album via Mediafire Part 1
Download Full Album via Mediafire Part 2

DOEL SUMBANG - My Favorite Song

Minggu, 18 Januari 2009





DETHKLOK adalah band fiksi melodic death metal yang terdapat dalam program animasi Adult Swim Metalocalypse, diciptakan oleh Brendon Small dan Tommy Blacha, dan sebuah band virtual yang diciptakan untuk pertunjukan musik live. Band ini kadang-kadang disebut sebagai contoh "comedy rock" yang sejajar dengan band-band seperti GWAR dan Spinal Tap. Album pertama Dethklok dirilis pada 25 September 2007, yang berjudul "The Dethalbum". Debut album band ini berada di peringkat 21 di Billboard Magazine's Top diantara 200 daftar. Band ini merilis "The Dethalbum II" pada 29 September 2009.

* Brendon Small – vocals, guitar, electric bass, keyboards
* Gene Hoglan – drums (2007 – sekarang)

* Mike Keneally – guitar, backing vocals (2007 – sekarang)
* Bryan Beller – electric bass, backing vocals (2007 –sekarang)


DETHKLOK - 2007 - The Dethalbum

Track List:

01. Murmaider
02. Go Into the Water
03. Awaken
04. Bloodrocuted
05. Go Forth and Die
06. Fansong
07. Better Metal Snake
08. The Lost Vikings
09. Thunderhorse
10. Briefcase Full of Guts
11. Birthday Dethday
12. Hatredcopter
13. Castratikron
14. Face Fisted
15. Dethharmonic
16. Deththeme
Tracklist Bonus CD
01. Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
02. Blood Ocean
03. Murdertrain A Comin'
04. Pickles Intro
05. Kill You
06. Hatredy
07. Dethklok Gets In Tune

Download Full Album via Mediafire

DETHKLOK - 2009 - Dethalbum II


1. Bloodlines
2. The Gears
3. Burn The Earth
4. Laser Cannon Deth Sentence
5. Black Fire Upon Us
6. Dethsupport
7. The Cyborg Slayers
8. I Tamper With The Evidence At The Murder Site Of Odin
9. Murmaider II: The Water God
10. Comet Song
11. Symmetry
12. Volcano

Download Full Album via Mediafire

DETHKLOK - My Favorite Song

Birtday Dethday. mp3

Castratikron. mp3

Dethharmonic. mp3

Duncan Hills Coffees. mp3

Face. mp3

Going To The Water. mp3

Murmaider. mp3

Musta. mp3

Theme. mp3

Thunderhorse. mp3

Minggu, 11 Januari 2009





CHILDREN OF BODOM adalah kelompok musik metal dari Espoo, Finlandia. Didirikan oleh guitarist Alexi "Wildchild" Laiho dan drummer Jaska Raatikainen pada 1993 dengan nama IneartheD. Band ini terdiri dari: Alexi Laiho (vokal / lead guitar), Roope Latvala (guitar), Janne Wirman (keyboards), Henkka Seppälä (bass), dan Jaska Raatikainen (drums).Children of Bodom telah merilis enam studio album, dua album live, dua EP, dan satu DVD.
Album ketiga Children of Bodom, "Follow the Reaper", adalah album pertama yang menerima sertifikat Emas di Finlandia, dan sejak saat itu, enam album dari studio band sudah mencapai status yang sama dengan "Follow the Reaper". Di Finlandia, Children of Bodom telah merilis tiga album yang berjaya di nomor satu berturut-turut di tangga album Finlandia.

Genre Children of Bodom ini banyak diperdebatkan oleh para penggemar dan kritikus. Genre musik Band ini bisa menjadi beberapa bagian, di antaranya power metal, neo-classical metal, speed metal, black metal, and melodic death metal. Materi yang lebih baru , seperti "Blooddrunk", dianggap mengandung unsur thrash metal. Istilah "Tuonela Metal", baru-baru ini diperkenalkan oleh Reporter Finlandia, meskipun langka harus diambil dalam beberapa pertimbangan, karena dengan ekspresi (seperti yang mengacu pada the Ade, the Reign of Shadows) dan untuk penghormatan kepada Jean Sibelius, komponis Finlandia yang paling representatif. Laiho mengatakan bahwa ia lebih suka disebut dengan metal group, tidak ada yang lain. Namun, dalam sebuah wawancara baru-baru ini untuk surat kabar Finlandia Helsingin Sanomat, Laiho menyatakan bahwa genre band adalah extreme metal, karena ia merasa bahwa semua alternatif lain terlalu membatasi.

* Alexi Laiho - lead vocals, lead guitar
* Roope Latvala - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
* Janne Warman - keyboards
* Henkka Seppälä - bass, backing vocals
* Jaska Raatikainen - drums, percussion

* Alexander Kuoppala - rhythm guitar (1993-2003)
* Jani Pirisjoki - keyboards (1995-1997)
* Samuli Miettinen - bass guitar (1993-1995)
* Po Kuopiris - keyboards (Unholy Alliance tour 2006)
* Cameron Scott - rhythm guitar (1995-1996)
* Erna Siikavirta - keyboards (1998 European Tour)
* Sami Tenetz - lead vocals (1996-1998)


CHILDREN OF BODOM - 1997 - Something Wild


01 - Deadnight Warrior
02 - In The Shadows
03 - Red Light In My Eyes, part 1
04 - Red Light In My Eyes, part 2
05 - Lake Bodom
06 - The Nail
07 - Touch Like Angel Of Death

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CHILDREN OF BODOM - 1999 - Hatebreeder


01. Warhearts
02. Silent night, Bodom night
03. Hatebreeder
04. Bed of Razor
05. Towards dead end
06. Black Widow
07. Wrath within
08. Children of Bodom
09. Downfall

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CHILDREN OF BODOM - 1999 - Tokyo Warhearts (Live)


01. Intro
02. Silent Night Bodom Night
03. Lake Bodom
04. Warheart
05. Bed of Razors
06. War of Razors
07. Deadnight Warrior
08. Hatebreeder
10. Touch Like Angel of Death
11. Towards Dead End

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CHILDREN OF BODOM - 2000 - Follow the Reaper


1. Follow The Reaper
2. Bodom After Midnight
3. Children Of Decadence
4. Everytime I Die
5. Mask Of Sanity
6. Taste Of My Scythe
7. Hate Me!
8. Northern Comfort
9. Kissing The Shadows

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CHILDREN OF BODOM - 2003 - Hate Crew Deathroll


01 - Needled 24/7
02 - Sixpounder
03 - Chokehold (Cocked'N'Loaded)
04 - Bodom Beach Terror
05 - Angels Don't Kill
06 - Triple Corpse Hammerblow
07 - You're Better Off Dead!
08 - Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood
10 - Silent Scream (Slayer cover) (Bonus)
11 - Don't Stop At The Top (Scorpions cover) (Bonus)

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CHILDREN OF BODOM - 2005 - Are You Dead Yet?


1.Living Dead Beat
2.Are You Dead Yet?
3.If You Want Peace... Prepare for War
4.Punch Me I Bleed
5.In Your Face
6.Next in Line
7.Bastards of Bodom
8.Trashed, Lost & Strungout
9.We're Not Gonna Fall

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CHILDREN OF BODOM - 2006 - Chaos Ridden Years (Stockholm Knockout Live)

CD 1:
01 - Living Dead Beat
02 - Sixpounder
03 - Silent Night, Bodom Night
04 - Hate Me!
05 - We're Not Gonna Fall
06 - Angels Don't Kill
07 - Deadbeats I
08 - Bodom After Midnight/Bodom Beach Terror
09 - Follow The Reaper
CD 2:
01 - Needled 24/7
02 - Clash of The Booze Brothers
03 - In Your Face
04 - Hate Crew Deathroll
05 - Are You Dead Yet?
06 - Latvala Guitar Solo
07 - Lake Bodom
08 - Everytime I Die
09 - Downfall

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CHILDREN OF BODOM - 2008 - Blooddrunk


01. Hellhounds On My Trail
02. Blooddrunk
03. LoBodomy
04. One Day You Will Cry
05. Smile Pretty For The Devil
06. Tie My Rope
07. Done With Everything, Die For Nothing
08. Banned From Heaven
09. Roadkill Morning

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CHILDREN OF BODOM - 2009 - Skeletons in the Closet


1. Lookin' Out My Back Door (Creedence Clearwater Revival)
2. Hell Is For Children (Pat Benatar)
3. Somebody Put Something In My Drink (Ramones)
4. Mass Hypnosis (Sepultura)
5. Donґt Stop At The Top (Scorpions)
6. Silent Scream (Slayer)
7. She Is Beautiful (Andrew W.K.)
8. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) (Kenny Rogers)
9. Bed Of Nails (Alice Cooper)
10. Hellion (W.A.S.P.)
11. Aces High (Iron Maiden)
12. Rebel Yell (Billy Idol)
13. No Commands (Stone)
14. Antisocial (Trust/Anthrax)
15. Talk Dirty To Me (Poison)
16. War Inside My Head (Suicidal Tendencies)
17. Ooops!… I Did It Again (Britney Spears)

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CHILDREN OF BODOM - My Favorite Song

Aces High (Iron Maiden). mp3

Are You Dead Yet. mp3

Bad of Nail (Alice Cooper). mp3

Bed of Razors. mp3

Black Widow. mp3

Blooddrunks. mp3

Bodom Beach Terror. mp3

Childre. mp3

Children of Bodom. mp3

Deat-Beat. mp3

Don't Stop In The Top (Scorpion). mp3

Eternal Tears of Sorrow. mp3

Every time I die. mp3

Follow The Rappier - Hellion. mp3

Guitar vs Keyboards Solo. mp3

Hallowed be thy name. mp3

Hatebreeders. mp3

Hate crew deat throll. mp3

Hate me. mp3

Hellhounds on my trails. mp3

Hellion (W.A.S.P). mp3

Ikuto Hidaka. mp3

In Your Face. mp3

Iron, Steel, Metal. mp3

Kissing The Shadow. mp3

Knuckleduster. mp3

Lake Bodom. mp3

Latomen (Klamidya). mp3

Lil Blood Red Riddin Hood. mp3

Lobodomy. mp3

Mass Hypnosis (Sepultura). mp3

Mask of Sanity. mp3

midnight. mp3

Needled. mp3

No commends (Stone). mp3

Northern. mp3

Oop ... I did it Again (Britney Spears). mp3

Rebel Yell (Billy Idol). mp3

Repent Whore. mp3

She is Beautyful (Andrew W.K). mp3

Shot In The Dark (Ozzy Osbourne). mp3

Silent Scream (Slayer). mp3

Silent Night Bodom Night. mp3

Sixpounders. mp3

Sixpounders. mp3

Somebody Put Something In My Drink (The Ramones). mp3

Talk Dirty To Me (Poison). mp3

Taste of My Scythe. mp3

The Final Countdown. mp3

The Nail. mp3

Touch Like An Angel of Death. mp3

Toward Death And. mp3

Troopers. mp3

Warheart. mp3

Wrath Within. mp3

Sabtu, 10 Januari 2009





ARCH ENEMY adalah grup musik melodic death metal band dari Swedia yang beranggotakan Angela Gossow, Michael Amott, Fredrik Åkesson, Sharlee D'Angelo, dan Daniel Erlandsson. Band ini didirikan tahun 1995. Vokalisnya saat itu bernama Johan Liiva. Band ini merilis tujuh studio album, sebuah album live (Burning Jepang Live 1999), dua DVD dan tiga EP.

* Angela Gossow - Vokal (2001-)
* Michael Amott - Gitar (1996-)
* Fredrik Åkesson - Gitar (2005-)
* Sharlee D'Angelo - Bass (1999-)
* Daniel Erlandsson - Drum (1996-1997, 1999-)

Mantan Anggota
* Johan Liiva - vocals (1996–2000), bass (1996 on Black Earth tour)
* Martin Bengtsson - bass guitar (1997-1998)
* Peter Wildoer - drums (1997)
* Fredrik Åkesson - lead and rhythm guitar (2005-2007)

Sesi Anggota
* Gus G. - Touring Guitarist (2005), guest guitar solo on Doomsday Machine ("Taking Back My Soul")
* Per Wiberg - keyboards on Wages of Sin and Anthems of Rebellion
* Dick Lövgren - touring bassist (1999)
* Roger Nilsson - touring bassist (1999-2000)


ARCH ENEMY - 1996 - Black Earth


The Ides Of March
Losing Faith
Time Capsule
Fields Of Desolation
Transmigration Macabre
Cosmic Retribution
Dark Insanity
Bury Me An Angel

ARCH ENEMY - 1998 - Stigmata


1. Beast of Man
2. Stigmata
3. Sinister Mephisto
4. Dark of the Sun
5. Let the Killing Begin
6. Black Earth
7. Tears of the Dead
8. Vox Stellarum
9. Bridge of Destiny

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ARCH ENEMY - 1999 - Burning Bridges


1. The Immortal
2. Dead Inside
3. Pilgrim
4. Silverwing
5. Demonic Science
6. Seed Of Hate
7. Angel Claw
8. Burning Bridges

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ARCH ENEMY - 2001 - Wages of Sin


01. Enemy Within
02. Burning Angel
03. Heart Of Darkness
04. Ravenous
05. Savage Messiah
06. Dead Bury Their Dead
07. Web Of Lies
08. The First Deadly Sin
09. Behind The Smile
10. Snow Bound
11. Shadows And Dust

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ARCH ENEMY - 2002 - Burning Angel (EP)


1.Burning Angel
2.Lament of a Mortal Soul
3.Starbreaker (Judas Priest cover)

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ARCH ENEMY - 2003 - Anthems of Rebellion


1.Tear Down The Walls
2.Silent Wars
3.We Will Rise
4.Dead Eyes See No Future
6.Leader of the Rats (Anonymous Animosity)
7.Exist to Exit
8.Marching on a Dead End Road
9.Despicable Heroes
10.End of the Line
13.Saints and Sinners

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ARCH ENEMY - 2004 - Dead Eyes See No Future (EP)


1. Dead Eyes See No Future
2. Burning Angel (Live In Paris 2004)
3. We Will Rise (Live In Paris 2004)
4. Heart Of Darkness (Live In Paris 2004)
5. Symphony Of Destruction (Megadeth Cover)
6. Kill With Power (Manowar Cover)
7. Incarnated Solvent Abuse (Carcass Cover)

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ARCH ENEMY - 2005 - Doomsday Machine


1.Enter The Machine
2.Taking Back My Soul
4.My Apocalypse
5.Carry The Cross
6.I Am Legend / Out For Blood
7.Skeleton Dance
8.Hybrids Of Steel
9.Mechanic God Creation
11.Slaves Of Yesterday

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ARCH ENEMY - 2007 - Revolution Begins (EP)


1.Revolution Begins
2.Blood on Your Hands
3.Walk in the Shadows (Queensryche cover)
4.I Am Legend / Out for Blood (live)

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ARCH ENEMY - 2007 - Rise of the Tyrant


1. Blood on Your Hands
2. The Last Enemy
3. I Will Live Again
4. In this Shallow Grave
5. Revolution Begins
6. Rise of the Tyrant
7. The Day You Died
8. Intermezzo Liberté
9. Night Falls Fast
10. The Great Darkness
11. Vultures

Download Full Album via Mediafire

ARCH ENEMY - 2009 - The Root of All Evil


1. The Root of All Evil (Intro)
2. Beast of Man
3. The Immortal
4. Diva Satanica
5. Demonic Science
6. Bury Me An Angel
7. Dead Inside
8. Dark Insanity
9. Pilgrim
10. Demoniality (Instrumental)
11. Transmigration Macabre
12. Silverwing
13. Bridge of Destiny

Download Full Album via Mediafire

ARCH ENEMY - My Favorite Songs

Burning Angel. mp3

Let The Killing Begin. mp3

My Apocalypse. mp3

Snowbound. mp3

Within. mp3

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